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Usa paralelismo en tu estuctura cuando digas algo que asemeje una lista, por ejemplo: I started journaling about my tasks at the farm, my cooking at home with the vegetables that were ready to be harvested.


Aquí yo creo q sería bueno empezar por dar algo de transición hacia lo de la escuela de herbolaria. Por ejemplo: When I started my one year program in herbalism, I started to write about what I was learning and I began to create fusions between my favorite practices I learned in Mexico and what I was learning now in the U.S. I also wrote about the connections I made with people and how these experiences influenced my herbal remedied (o algo así..)


Pienso que sería poderoso mencionar por qué estabas enojada, por ejemplo: While studying sociology, I learned about the multiple socio-economic discrepancies that leave people without basic necessities. This frustrated me and I found remedy in the healing powers of vegetables and herbs. I could not change the whole world, but at least I could help people heal, from inside.


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